11 Fun things you do not miss trying to do in Kerala!

Kerala and its tourist sites have always been an attractive experience for travelers. The state soaks you with its serenity, which is spoiled a little by the motherland. And in exchange, what does it give? There is an ocean full of stuff to cherish in Kerala. When you start sightseeing in Kerala, you discover that more than the backwaters and aromatic gardens it has to offer. Now that you are sure why the state on an elephant or a jeep safari is not unveiled. Let’s start! Let’s start!


Backwaters Alleppey, an intrinsic environment

There’s nothing better than visiting Alleppey Backwaters to begin your holiday in Kerala. This attraction was always friendly for those who start with a houseboat tour of Kerala and continue to drive forward. On Balmy city day, Ambalapuzha Temple and St. Mary’s Forane Church, the most popular one in the region, always start with a religious tour. As the day goes on, the beaches can be enjoyed, birds can be watched, shopped or delicacies tried.


Earn a tour of the Village of Kerala

What’s the issue of living in the villages? Enter the tourist crowd that loves to explore Kerala’s roots. Over the years, Kerala’s village tourism has experienced fast, good changes. When you go through the villages, you learn more about the lives and activities of the locals. Pottery, cutting stones, agriculture, jute making, etc.


Remember the happiness of childhood in a treehouse

Living in a treehouse will be a favorite to many of the incredible things to do in Kerala. Remember how we made one treehouse for ourselves as children, or maybe just watch one on TV. These cool houses are another way to spend a holiday in Kerala. The whole idea is environmentally friendly in nature and can be found primarily in the lush forests of the city. In case you think otherwise, these treehouses are jammed with basic amenities and services.


Wave your fragrance on a friendly day tour

Kerala is undoubtedly proud of its spice cultivation for the longest period of time. It felt as if nature loved this tourist destination and had the best spices in it. Some authentic items of the State include cardamom, exotic vanilla, Black pepper, cinnamon. Take a tour of the Kerala spice plantations and feel invigorated.


Feel the happiness of nature on a Kumarakom houseboat trip

Your mind must have dreamt of going 1000 times now in a houseboat, right? Towards the end of the wait, it’s time for you to dive in and start dreaming about the beauty of Kumarakom. Vembanad Lake is the best location for a house-boat trip in Vembanad Lake. As long as you start your journey, sea and rural life will give your heart a warm feeling. In addition, travelers can also opt to enjoy other events.


Watch the elegant Kathakali show moving your eyes

If you missed a Kathakali score, your visit to Kerala would be incomplete. It’s one of Kerala’s best things to do. This classical dance was the pride emblem of the state and it was loved throughout the world. You can be drawn by the body and face movement, and the costumes capture your heart the next thing you know. If you know art or dance, search the following locations. If you are a connoisseur. Explore Kathakali’s Kerala Dance


Delete the wild side in Periyar Jungle Safari

A big tourist attraction in Kerala to spot tigers and elephants is the Periyar National Park that is part of Thekkady. Once you enter the Periyar forest, you will be welcomed by the lush greenery. A jeep trip is a favorite tour here. You’re sure to be wrong if you think you can only enjoy the jungle safari. Periyar also provides walkers with the chance to bamboo rafting.


In Kumarakom, upgrade your photographic skills

Lovers of nature are in for a treat! The tourist place you must be in is Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary that shares its beauty with Vembanad Lake. Why is that? To fill your mind with beautiful landscapes and wait, bird your camera. Yeah, in Kumarakom, migratory birds find their shelter between November and February. Even a boat trip will offer you fantastic bird shots that add colors to the sky.


Lock your muscles with an Ayurvedic massage

It’s not going to be wrong to say Kerala is Ayurveda or elsewhere? Regardless of how it is, this kind of healing was swarmed by tourists. Ayurveda, originating in India, is practiced in Kerala with great joy. Massages that are perfect relievers have been used extensively. For the welfare and natural development, ayurvedic massages are performed.


Make your buddy’s major mammal on a Thekkady safari

Kerala is known as a state that equally loves each part. The state does not leave a stone unturned to look after the wild animals when it comes to its wildlife. It’s time to have an elephant safari, now that you have encountered a jungle safari once. Thekkady provides sessions in which you can swim, click on pictures and push elephants, or simply spend time with them. All is yours!


Dig into the delightful, new ingredients.

I would say without much thought that Kerala food is completely valuable. The state will surprise your taste buds with a buffet for vegetarian and nonvegetarian foodies. You would want to do more because of the frequent use of home-grown spices and Arabic, French, and Malabari influences.


While Kerala’s traditional cuisine is vegetarian, Sadhya doesn’t have to be discouraged by Non-Vegetarian lovers. The large range of seafood includes crevasses, crabs, oysters, sardines, mustaches, tunas, junk, and lobsters.



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