15 Best Space Saving Furniture Malaysia

As the land price goes higher and higher every year, people have to live in small houses/ apartments. If you love to travel and don’t want to stick to one place, then you can settle your house in an easily transformable container. And if you have succeeded in finding a small place of your dreams, then without having the burden of a lot of things, living in less space can be very cozy to live.

So you got a small place to live in and didn’t know how to place all the necessary things very smartly?

Space-saving furniture can be the perfect answer here. Cleverly made furniture folds, stacks, tables, chairs, and folds can be easily incorporated into your small cozy space.

Here we picked some of the best ideas of space-saving furniture for your perfect little house, which you can find below.


Hidden bed Majestic Desk-Bed:

American housing societies have made the trend to live in small places. Although it looks odd with the American tradition of big homes, it is becoming famous.

It does not mean that you have to live in a small place to enjoy the transformable furniture fully. If you like it, then you must have it in your big house or office too.

You have seen pairing a bed with a best sofas, but here is a queen-sized bed inside a classic writing table. When the desk folds down into a bed, the writing table’s surface goes under the bed and provides storage under the bed. Additionally, when you bring down the bed, you have a useful pair of shelves for placing nighttime things.

Sofa Bed:

For those looking for a perfect bed and a perfect sofa, we pick up a sofa bed that is not just a sofa bed. It can convert into three different positions; a regular couch, a flatbed, and a recliner. You can also combine it chaise-lounge to convert it into a queen-size bed.

The bed is so comfortable that you can host your guests with it for a long weekend, and they will never complain to you for ashes and pain. The sofa will remain alright even after years.

If you want it to change from one position to another, all you have to do is to push it from the back.

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds:

It is thought that bunk beds can be used for kids only. But the great thing is that you can also keep these bunk needs and loft beds in your guest room. If your family or friends visit you during every vacation, these beds can help you manage the space for your guests.

You cannot use them only for your kids but also for storing things like kids’ toys, books, and other accessories.

Most bunk beds are available with great storage options, so you do not need to buy extra furniture for storing purposes.

It was believed that bunk beds are not safe, but now they are made with ladders that are safe to climb and ensure complete safety.


Sofa and Bed Made from 12 Blocks:

This a new and amazing thing, comprising of 12 blocks. It is basically made up of a wooden block, and then you can arrange these blocks in any way you want. It’s very stylish!

The blocks can be assembled in various ways to make a sofa, a bed, or anything between these two positions.

When you have to host some guests or arrange a party, you can also use these blocks separately and can immediately seat many people.

Unlimited possibilities come with these building blocks. You can have many styles of bed and sofas in no time.

Nest shelf Bookshelf:

Not every small space needs a wonderful solution. Sometimes, you need a little bit of extra storage space. Small spaces adjustment has many questions in the past, but now it has many innovative answers.

A perfect example is the Net shelf Bookshelf that is designed the Japanese designers. When open, it expands from 2 feet to 4 feet. It also has two other sizes between 2 and 4 feet that will help you fulfill your storage needs with a minimum effort.


Pop-Up Kitchen:

Have you ever think that your kitchen can give an entertainment cabin look? Designers have made a Pop-Up Kitchen that can fold into a stylish and entertainment cabinet, giving your small space a modern look.

It can also hold an LCD on the cabinet’s front wall, and you can enjoy it when the door closes.

When the door opens, a modern kitchen is revealed with a dishwasher, a waste disposal basket, an integrated hood, an open shelf, an oven, and a refrigerator. The doors a 6 inches thick that are used to hold the dishes, bottles, utensils, and other cooking things.

The countertop is 6 feet long that provides a sink and a stovetop.

Folding Computer Desk:

Often small apartments don’t have space to place a computer table. We pick up an easily folding computer desk that takes only 30 seconds to fold and expand.

It has a great work surface and a shelf under the table to place the computer tower and other components.

It is tall and wide enough to give a complete office setup.


Wall Clothes Drying Rack:

Small apartments do not have open space enough to dry your clothes.

So here is a drying desk that can provide your space to dry your clothes stylishly. If you live in a small home, this folding drying rack can bring a lot of space to your laundry room.

It can easily fold back into its frame when not in use, and you can pull it out to hang your wet clothes for drying purposes.

Space-saving furniture like this rack makes a living in small places a little bit easier.


Expand Furniture DIY Loft:

Loft space has a great advantage; it gives you free floor space to develop a lot of options for your furniture arrangements.

If you have a high roof, you may have a great amount of space overhead that may be kept unused. You can take over that space with convertible space solutions.

Have an eye at the DIY loft space that provides more space to live and more floor space to enjoy on it. You can make it a home office, a bedroom, or simply a storage space under the loft. This amazing innovation gives you many options to use your vertical space.

Drop Leaf Table:

One of the most affordable pieces of space-saving furniture ideas is the drop leaf table. It will be great to have it if you are living in a small place.

You can use it as a dining table when enjoying a small meal at home. You can use it to place daily stuff by dropping a leaf.

While some of you will love it as it is a traditional piece of furniture, decent and beautiful.

Foldable Coffee Table:

Maybe you do not like the idea of having a drop leaf table, so we have many other foldable furniture ideas for you. Such as easily transformable coffee tables that can give a beautiful look to your living place.

This transformable coffee table is one of the best space-saving furniture to change your old, boring living area into a modern, trendy place for entertaining your family and friends.

These tables come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and specifications. You can buy one that can is suitable for your home and budget.


Hidden Seat Tables:

There is nothing better than a portable coffee table that also has hidden seats.

If you do not have the extra budget to buy separate chairs for your coffee table, there are the latest furniture options that permit you to replace your boring coffee tables with furniture items that have hidden seats.

These tables are not just suitable for your dining purpose but also looks great in your living room.

Nesting Table:

Nesting tables are among the most famous and modest portable furniture ideas to add decoration to your home.

These good looking tables are available in all sizes and different styles. On account of their functions, they have been in use for so many years. However, the new ones nowadays are innovative and reasonable to serve both as a stylish and a useful furniture thing.

Stacked Stool Cabinets:

Providing sufficient space to guests is always a challenge while living in a small house. These are the hybrid form of furniture used individually as a stool and together as a stacked cabinet. In appearance, like other hybrid furniture items, it does not look like that it can be used for such a practical purpose.

This is the beautiful replacement of the stackable stools. Each stool has a separate drawer and foldable legs. When you have to host some guests, these drawers can easily transform into sitting stools.

Back Door Cabinets:

Finding enough space to keep all your essentials is always a difficult task. But if you are looking for an innovative space-saving idea that can help you with getting sorted out your things, then these wonderful space-saving back door cupboards are the best item.

Those who live in a small space know that any new furniture item ultimately makes your space small. But the wonderful thing about cabinets is that these can be attached to the back of any door you want.

These boxes can be easily joined to your door’s axis, and when you need to use it, it will swing open.


Under Stairs Storage Ideas:

Space beneath the stairs is always kept free while it can solve your storage problems in a wonderful way. Here we picked some storage ideas under stairs that will blow your mind and will surely have one of these.


Under Stairs Pantry:

When renovating our home or build a new one, we often skip many useful spaces because we do not know their hidden potential.

If you lack some space in your kitchen to store your cans, you can use under stairs space and convert it into a kitchen pantry to store dry things, baking ingredients, and many such things.


Under Stairs Laundry Room:

In the same way, not every home in cities has a separate space for laundry. You might never think of it before, but you can convert the space beneath the stairs into your small laundry room. You can easily place a washer and dryer there and enjoy doing laundry there without the worry of space.


Under Stairs Drawers and Cabinets:

Every home has some hidden places that can provide extra storage space. Fortunately, the often-neglected place under stairs serves as an ideal space for drawers and cabinets.

This modern idea of under stair drawers gives a separate space to place your keys, shoes, toys, and many other things.

You can also enjoy a cabinet beneath the stairs to store your garments, books, bags. It also offers a convenient space for hanging coats.


Single Drawer Tall Boy Unit:

We can change the smallest places into a single drawer or single drawer tallboy unit. It works perfectly for under stairs space that turns at the lower end.

The single drawer provides a huge drawer that can hold various household items from shoes to vacuum cleaners. And the best thing is; it does not look odd but seems beautiful.



Your furniture completely changes the place you live as well as the way you live in it. Whether you have a small space or a big house, buying space-saving furniture helps your home and workspace to look less clustered.

When selecting portable furniture for your home or office, ensure to measure the dimensions correctly so that it looks perfect in your place. If you choose the right design of furniture, it will convert your small place into a social place.

Space saving furniture also provides multi-functions, and if you buy multifunctional furniture, there is no need to buy extra items if you select one item that can do both functions. It can save not only your space but also your money.



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