3 reasons why LinkedIn is important to a company’s business

3 good reasons to consider LinkedIn as part of a social media marketing plan of a company capable of increasing the business

Is LinkedIn important for the business of a company or a professional?  Do you really need to include it in a social media marketing plan? The answer is yes and the reason is that the profile or Company Page serves as a business card and sounding board for our businesses and products and services.

On LinkedIn there are all those who matter in a given sector and getting in touch with these influential personalities can be a great way to consecrate our role as professionals and experts. Furthermore, if we work in the B2B field, LinkedIn stops being just an option that you can use if you have the time and the desire and becomes a real need; LinkedIn, in fact, is the perfect tool to get in direct contact with our interlocutors also in this area. So let’s see more specifically what are the 3 main reasons why LinkedIn is important for a company’s business.

1. LinkedIn helps build longer lasting relationships

As we said at the beginning we must think of our profile on LinkedIn as a continuation of our website or our business card, with the difference that the latter can also end up at the bottom of a drawer, while LinkedIn makes available to enrolled a number of tools to keep in touch. Thanks to direct messages, mentions, comments and Groups we are spoiled for choice regarding the options to connect with our peers or potential customers. Furthermore, thanks to the Company Page we will be able to ensure that our message arrives loud and clear to those who follow us, as in principle the posts shared by the company accounts have a greater organic reach than any other social network (including Facebook).

2. Unprecedented opportunities to give the company greater visibility

The activities of a company are not limited to the promotion of products and services, but also to events in the area or initiatives in favor of its employees; we try to involve them too in the construction of the message and image of our company and if we work as independent consultants we try to convince our customers to leave a report on our profile or we get in touch with the most influential personalities and demonstrate our work. In this sense, it can also be useful to make use of the editorial platform within the social network itself: not only will we ensure that our name or that of the company enjoys further visibility, but we will consecrate our role as experts in the sector.

3. The benefits in terms of positioning on search engines

LinkedIn is particularly important for a company’s business also because what happens within the social network is monitored and recorded by search engines (and this is nothing new) and is positioned within the SERP. If we do our job well and use keywords wisely, we will be able to position both our private profile and the Company Page with consequent benefits for the health of our business.

In general, the use of LinkedIn for online marketing involves the application of a number of specific social media marketing techniques. If you want to know more or have suggestions on how to best use this social network in your digital marketing strategy, contact us now! We will analyse with you the online communication needs of your company and we will give you useful advice or real advice on how to increase your business through LinkedIn.

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