6 mistakes to avoid in a washing machine

Using a washing machine is time-saving, and also reduces the effort while washing the clothes. But, when it’s time to do the laundry, we often tend to overlook some of the common mistakes, that might damage your appliance. 

Below, we have listed several mistakes and simple tips on how to avoid or fix them:  

Not keeping the machine door open after a wash

One of the most important steps to follow after finishing laundry is to keep the appliance door open. If we don’t follow this, the mold and mildew start growing inside because of the moisture. The appliance also starts giving a foul stench. So after a wash, keep the appliance door open and let it completely dry up. Follow this step after every wash in order to ensure the cleanliness of the appliance as well as your clothes.

Not emptying the pockets of the clothes before washing

The things that we leave in the pocket often become the cause for the appliance’s damage. This is because we carry a lot of things in our pockets like keys, coins, and tissue wipes. These things, in turn, damage your washing machine by either scratching the cleaning compartment or the doors. Excess tissues start collecting and later on clogs the machine and do not let the machine function properly.

Not cleaning the inner washing compartment 

When cleaning your washing machine as part of regularly maintaining it, it’s important to clean the entire interior washing compartment of the machine, even the hard-to-reach areas. Doing this will help you make the most out of the homemade washing machine cleaner or a commercially-available cleaning solution you use or are planning to use.


Make sure to half-fill the washing machine with water and run it without any load so that it cleans itself. You can also go for two load-less washes to achieve optimum cleaning results. Also, you can mix an essential oil with the cleaner you plan on using to improve the fragrance of the machine’s interior washing compartment. 

Using an excessive amount of detergent and bleach

Using an excessive amount of detergent is also an important mistake to avoid in a washing machine. If you use excessive detergent, there will be a soapy build-up in the clothes which in turn damages the quality of clothes. 


Because of the detergent build-up, the appliance also starts giving a foul stench if not allowed to dry properly. Use of excess detergent also may result in clothes not drying up because the detergent leaves residue behind which blocks the drainage


Bleach is also bad if you use it in an excessive amount. Bleach, if used excessively, not only damages your clothes but also can cause irritation to the skin. You can avoid this problem by using the right amount of detergent and cleaning the washing machine using homemade washing machine cleaner and commercial cleaner as well.

Avoid overloading the machine

You must know the load capacity of your washing machine very well. Don’t overload the machine as it can damage the drum of the machine. There are lots of chances that your clothes might tear because of overloading and also chances of bearings getting broken, which can permanently damage the machine.

Make sure the hoses are well connected 

You need to make sure that the hoses are connected well. Connect the hoses straight and clean. Check if there are any bends because the bending of the hoses might result in water leakage. Bending of the hoses also lead to irregular water flow to the washing machine drum. Clean the hoses once in a while to prevent any kind of water blockage to the drum of the machine.



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