Amazing Places To Eat In Houston In February 2021

From the best West African cuisine to fine Italian cuisine, where to find the best cuisine in the city

Houston is the breeding ground of culture, so in terms of food, our city can be said to have everything. Although we are happy to tell you the best burgers, the most authentic brunches, and the least grilled barbecues, we also want you to keep abreast of the places that best define the Houston food scene. This means focusing on the most attractive places that have recently opened, as well as some alternate locations in the past few years. Even with all the additional difficulties brought by 2020, Houston has seen many impressive restaurants recently. Here is a list of stunning places where you can eat right now.

List of Places to Eat in Houston Right now

Xochi for Mexican food

When the children run around, just like the outlaws in the old west, everything is too expensive, and the rap in hotels and restaurants is not good. But Xochi, located in the Marquis Marriott Hotel in the city center, is one of the best restaurants in the city. Next time you plan to hold a gala dinner or brunch, you should put it on the shortlist. This Mexican attraction individualizes in Oaxacan cuisine , so please look forward to moscal cocktails, mole rats and many fresh mashas. Xochi is open all day, but if you come back later, make sure to get the pato crujiente with the duck eggs and roasted chicken legs.

Theodore Rex for American Food

Theodore Rex’s menu says: “Due to availability, quality or boredom, items change every day”, which perfectly explains the feeling of eating here. The food is super seasonal, and you are likely to see people eating tomato toast and pancake soup as if you were wagyu ribs. This is a great escape for dates or small gatherings, but for more people, you can simply order the entire menu. This is the first attraction you should reserve next time you plan to have a big night event, but if you want to go at the last minute, they will also save some tables for walking in. Thinking of going on a trip to houston? Make American Airlines Reservations and take your companions out to eat at Theadore Rex.

Classic-All Day for Mediterranean Cuisine 

The Classic-All Day Restaurant like its name is a modern restaurant that serves three meals a day. Although this place has been around for a short time, it has become one of the best comfortable food places in the town, and you can easily get most of the menu at any time of the day. If you come early, the pork sandwich breakfast sandwich and rice crispy salad are our favorites, but if you stop for dinner, you should mix the grilled pimento cheese with kosher sausage or on the spot counter.

Nancy’s Hustle at downtown east for American Cuisine

Nancy’s Hustle and bustle is a bistro in the east city area. From low lights and beautiful music to interesting wine selection and business hours, many things are right. It is one of the coolest new places in Houston . There is no real theme on the menu, but there will always be some dishes, just read it to know that it will be good, such as lamb dumplings and Nancy cake with cream and caviar. Have a drink and some small plates at the bar, or stop for dessert until midnight.

A’Bouzy for American Seafood

A’Bouzy is the unforgettable place where you can spend a meaningful night, which can be used as a starting point at night, or be compensated the next day after your suggested “drink more” becomes three glasses. This place in the River Oaks has a large terrace, a bar that is always full of bars, and 1,000 different wines to choose from, including more than 250 champagne and sparkling wines. Although you can go here for a drink, they can also serve small plates such as lamb lollipops and grilled oysters, as well as larger main dishes. If it happens to be one of the rare conditions where humidity causes day/night rest, make sure to grab a spot outside.

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