Are leaflet drops successful?

Dropping leaflets to promote your business or inform the people about your products and services is considered by many as an old fashioned marketing strategy. The main purpose of leaflet advertising is to promote a business, its products or services and motivating people to buy them.

Although leaflet dropping and distribution has been a popular method of marketing for many years, businesses are unsure of how effective it is. They constantly fear that many potential customers may not appreciate receiving leaflets or many of them may not even look at them and discard them.

Several businesses believe that dropping leaflets or handing them out is a waste of time and money. However, the truth is that this form of direct marketing strategy has always been effective.

Whether one uses TV, radio, or newspaper, each type of media is effective for marketing and each of them is received differently. All kinds of promotions no matter how subtle surely get noticed. Leaflet dropping is the most cost-effective strategy and is suitable for all types of businesses.

What is a leaflet drop?

Leaflets, pamphlets, flyers etc. are the small piece of printed paper which are handed out or sent directly to potential customers for advertising the business. Leaflet drops are a planned and targeted process of passing on huge numbers of leaflets to specific recipients.

It is also known as leaflet delivery or flyer distribution or letterbox marketing or door drop marketing.

One can motivate people to purchase by imparting them information about your brand, how the products work, or by offering trial incentives like discount coupons.

Do leaflet drops work? How effective is leaflet dropping?

Circulating information to the people in the form of leaflets can be mainly done in 3 ways.

  • Leaflet distribution: This method involves scattering the leaflets over a large area so that as many people as possible receive them.
  • Leaflet delivery: When a business wants to promote or create brand awareness about its product or services locally, they post small numbers of leaflets through the doors of relevant occupants or target audience. This is a leaflet delivery.
  • Cooperative mailers: When leaflets promoting several local businesses are dropped or delivered at the same time to potential customers’ addresses, they are known as cooperative mailers.

To ensure the effectiveness and success of a leaflet drop businesses take the help of marketing agency or distribution companies who have specialized marketing information about potential customers and purchasers in a specific geographical area.

The aim of the leaflet drops is to ensure that the leaflets reach a chosen group of people without much wastage. The higher the number of leaflets reaches the right kind of customers, the greater would be the return on investment.

Below mentioned are a few interesting statistics which were concluded in a research conducted by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) to study the effectiveness of leaflet distribution:

  1. Almost 90% of the surveyors remembered receiving named leaflets and flyers
  2. Around 80% of people who received a leaflet through their letterbox said that they glanced at them and kept them or passed them to a friend or relative who may be interested.
  3. 33% of the surveyors said they kept the leaflets with them for a few days
  4. Around 13% said they kept the leaflets for at least a week or more

If we consider the Industry benchmark figure, we can assume that around 1% of the targeted people will respond to the dropped leaflets. If the leaflets are well-designed and well-targeted, you can expect around a 5% response rate.

As a percentage, it is a small number, but if you consider dropping 10,000 leaflets in a targeted region, you can expect 300 to 400 new customers to respond. This is a highly remarkable leaflet drop success rate.

Now that we know the leaflet drop success rate and how effective leaflets are, let us understand how to design and create a leaflet that is effective and successful.

How to design an effective leaflet? What makes a successful leaflet?

While designing your leaflets you need to find answers to the following questions:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What is the message you want to pass to the target audience?

Once you have defined your audience and the objectives for distributing leaflets, you need to work on the design.

Keep in mind to keep the leaflet design simple, eye-catching and readable. Below are a few things you need to incorporate to create an effective and successful leaflet.

  • Use powerful images, striking colors, catchy title
  • The message should be simple and easy to understand.
  • The content should not have more than 100 words of text.
  • Use fonts that are eligible and clear to read.
  • Use bullet points to keep the message to the point.
  • Use high-quality printing to make the leaflet look professional
  • Be persuasive. Communicate in a friendly tone. Ensure the spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Include important information like your company name, logo, website address, contact numbers, email address in the leaflet.
  • Include an incentive for the user, like adding a discount code or voucher.

Final Words

Don’t underestimate the power of leaflets; they are very powerful and effective marketing tools.

Even in this world of the internet and online communications, leaflets play an important and definite role in creating a good impression on customers, communicating with them, and motivating them to buy your products or services.



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