Classic hair cut style with Bangs that look amazing at any age

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body. It acts like an ornament to make us look beautiful with or without makeup. For instance, if your makeup is on point and messy hair, hair cut style will be a disaster. One must know how to prep your hair and style so it matches your looks. Likewise, with bangs are some popular hairstyles that look amazing at any age, but one must know how to style them.

Bangs are the oldest and classic style that is trendy among women of all ages. It is also a hairstyle that makes you look younger and cute. It is easy to fashion, maintain, and save your  time. It acts as a cover agent by hiding a large forehead, fine lines, and pimples. Different hairstyles with bangs will flatter your face effortlessly, and it goes well in any face shape. You can achieve this hairstyle in any hair type, length, and texture. From wispy to tapered, curly to straight and wavy, bangs have continued to grab all the fandom by themselves.

If you are looking for something to match your age or look, try some of these cool hair cut style and hairstyles with bangs at home this season. Achieve a flawless look and make people’s heads turn easily.

Here are the best classic hair cut style with bangs to try:


      1.Long hair with soft bangs.

Long hair with soft bangs.

Priyanka Chopra looking beautiful in her long hair with soft bangs


Bangs are one of the versatile hairstyles of all time. It is easy to style that ends up giving you mind-blowing results. It fits in any face shape and tone. The same hairstyle can make you look either pretty or ugly. It all depends on how you style the hairdo.

Long hair with bangs is a  go to style for any occasion. You can style it with a pair of jeans or a sari to give a modern yet desi look.

Make sure when you style with any hot tools on your hair, use heat protecting cream.

   2.Brow grazing looks with bangs.

Brow grazing looks with bangs.

Anushka Sharma looked fabulous in brow grazing bangs.


Wispy eyebrow grazing bangs never looked this captivating. It is perfect for those who want to focus more on their eyes rather than a hairstyle. It is classic and looks elegant. To get a wispy bang, you can either keep your hair straight or add curls to it. To get a softer look, pull out some thin strands in the front of your face. Use a shine spray so that your hair and bangs will look shiny and glossy.



     3.Super short bangs on black hair 

Super short bangs on black hair

Kaki showing off her short bangs.


Short bangs are not as popular as long ones, but it will blow your mind when styled. This style can be worn in any hair color. It is unique and can easily style as you want. Visit either a salon or do it at home to get this hair cut style. The rule is simple; you need to get a bang.

  1. Brush your hair and section the front part.
  2. Take the section of hair and cut straight following the forehead line.  It should meet one ear end the other.
  3. To style, use a hair spray to set the hair in place.  Tease up a bit for a messy and casual look.

Surprise your friends in short bangs and rock your day.

     4.Choose hair extensions bangs.

Choose hair extensions bangs.

A quick way to style your hair with bangs- extensions.


If you are women who love long hair and do not wish to have a hair cut style but want to achieve bangs? We have a perfect solution to it. Yes, hair extensions bang. It is one of the easiest ways to style and look fabulous without getting noticed.

It comes in different shades and sizes. Choose the one that fits you and your skin tone. It has clips that are attached to a wept that helps the extensions to stick on your hair. If the bangs are longer, you can trim them to get that perfect length.


     5.Beach waves with curtains bangs

Beach waves with curtains bangs

Stunning Priyanka in curtain bangs.


Get a desi look in beach waves with bangs. Indian women are blessed with wavy hair.  Add more fun to it by adding more waves. It makes your hair thicker and gives a lot of volume to it. Loosen the curls with your hand to get a fuller view.  Style your bangs by middle parting to achieve a curtain type look..

Curtain bangs will give you a whole 90s vibe. Pair it with any Kurti or lehenga and look like a diva.

     6.Long retro bangs

Long retro bangs

A retro look in long bangs.


Are you looking for ideas to style your hair in this season? Here is an ideal hairstyle for you with bangs. Try long retro bangs that will make people’s heads turn. It is easy to achieve and saves you a lot of time for makeup. You can either use a bandana to give a classic look in long bangs. Drape sari around, and you are good to go. Look glamorous at any age in long retro bangs.

     7.Blunt bob with bangs

Blunt bob with bangs

Achieve a cute and chic look in bob with bangs.


Blunt bob is one of the popular hairstyles among women of all ages. It is an ideal hairstyle that will make you look younger and fresh. Even if you are in your late 30s, a bob hair cut style is a solution. Get a bob haircut with bangs and be the star of the show. Style it in sideways or side-swept. It will look amazing. It is a go-to hairstyle for any occasion and party-goers and college geeks.


    8.Messy curly with side-parted bangs.

Messy curly with side-parted bangs.

Disha Patani in messy curls with side bangs.


Say bye to the old and boring hairstyles that you have been carrying for ages. Spice up your curly hair with bangs this time and shine like a diva.  Grab all attention to you in messy and casual hair with side-parted bangs.

To get a shabby look,

  1. apply hair spray, and tease up with your hand.
  2. Pull all the bangs on one side and settle it.
  3. Apply some shine hair spray to get glossy curly yet messy hair.
  4. Look sexy messy in any outfit in curly side-parted bangs.

       9.Sky ponytail with straight bangs

Sky ponytail with straight bangs

Jacqueline looked ravishing in a sky ponytail with bangs.


Ponytails are everyone’s favorite hairstyles. It makes you look chic, fresh, and attractive. It is also a style that will look youthful and energetic. Ever styled a ponytail with bangs? If not, give it a try; you won’t regret it. It is easy to style, saves you time, and requires less maintenance. It also frames your face shape on the point.  Get a sleek look by applying moisturizing cream to your hair.

  1. Brush it thoroughly to detangle.
  2. Grab all your hair on the crown and tie it in a high ponytail.
  3. Run your hand to settle your bangs on the place.
  4. Finish the look by applying hair spray to tame those flyaways.


     10.Topknot with bangs

Topknot with bangs

Mesmerising Priyanka Chopra in topknot bangs hairstyles.


To achieve this look, first, get a haircut with bangs. Achieve top knot with bangs in any hair length, type, and texture. It is also one of the safe hairstyles that include no hot tools unless you want curls on it. It is easy to style, and bangs will make you look cute and pretty. It is also the go-to hairstyle for working women who can focus more on work looking stunning. It keeps your hair away from your face. Anyone can pull off this hairstyle, and it fits any face shape.

  1. Brush your hair and grab all the hair on the crown.
  2. Twist, make a knot, and tie it on the top.
  3. Brush your bangs gently.
  4. Give a statement look by using a scrunchy on the top knot.


These are the ten hairstyles ideas with bangs that everyone must try. It offers unique, cute, and trendy looks. Why always stay and look dull in your long hair. Age is not a constraint to style hair. Anyone can pull off these hairstyles and appear beautiful. Get a hair cut style today and experience a new look. When you style, make sure always to follow a daily hair care routine and use heat protecting cream to prevent further hair damage. Look glam, fabulous, and stay gorgeous because you deserve it.


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