History of Crete

Old Crete was the start of The Minoan civilization (2600-1150 BC), one of the most successful in the world. The Minoans built the famous, magnificent Knossos Palace, Phaestos Palace, and Zakros Palace, and a powerful Mediterranean naval empire.

The Minoan civilization was never resurrected, following the conquest of the Achaeans and Dorians, tribes of Northern Europe.


   Crete Today:

Crete is today a large island with a majority of its agricultural production, livestock, and tourism income. This tour guide to Crete will assist you in preparing the perfect tour packages from UK to this old island.

Top 5 things to do and see in Crete

  • Visit the secluded Loutro Village :

Loutro is a tiny little fishing village on the southern shore of Crete. The city doesn’t seem to have much growth to tourists, it almost feels like a secret gem. One thing is special about the village: It is unavailable by land and you must come by sea (or ramble across the mountains). The local church of Loutro is beautiful.

  • Walk around Chania Town:

Chania is one of the largest island towns on Greek islands that you can find. One can enjoy a walk through the harbor in Veneto, visit the old lighthouse and visit the Agora Marketplace to take a freshly cooked fig. The dry dock terrace Arsenal is still accessible and is built between the mid-1400s and 1599. There is a Museum called Maritime where entry is €3 (USD $3.30); the fort is free of charge. The holiday packages from UK do not include these entry Prices. To know more about vacation packages visit the

  • Explore the Samaria Gorge by hiking:

The real road to this ravine is something that remains with you for a lifetime. From the Omalos Plateau, the 16 km hike starts on a platform underneath a circuitous trail and wooden stairs, where you can walk up to almost 300 m from the rock walls. The ravine is narrow down to a stretch called the “Gates” and the “Iron Gates,”.

  • Visit Knossos:

The palace was built around 3,000 years ago and is the seat of King Minos in Greek mythology. Repeated cataclysms such as invasions, earthquakes, and the Theran Eruption of about 1625 BC affected Knossos. The royal family will take a look at the large reception courtyard, enter the Throne Room, the sanctuary, walk down the Royal Way and see the Royal Apartments constructed on four floors. The Royal Apartments have a view over the coast. The entrance fee is EUR 15 (US$16.55).

  • Visit The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:

Only look at Heraklion’s impressive archeological museum to completely appreciate the oldest civilization in Europe. It has 20 chronological rooms and the largest collection of Minoan objects in all museums. You will start in Neolithic time long before the palaces of Crete are built, and you will find gems, liturgical figures, vases, guns, and a trunk in the following rooms. It will take €10 ($11) for tickets.


Other Places to go and see in Crete

  • Create a tour to the island of Spinalonga:

Visitors can take shipping for approximately $16 (US$18) through the destroyed church, through the disinfecting space, the hospital, and through the cemetery.

  • Visit the fortress of Koules:

The history of the castle and area are explained in many good exhibits. The entry fee is €2.20 (US$2.20).

  • See The Lassithi plateau:

The Lassithi Plateau in eastern Crete is situated 900 meters above sea level. The cave is worth 6 € ($6.60 USD) or you can combine it for around €90 ($100 USD) with the complete day ATV experience on the plateau.

  • Balos Beach:

It is a stunning combination of white and pink sand in the northwest corner of Crete. It’s a nice place to hang out and soak up the heat, and the lagoon is a warm place to swim.

Travel Costs for Crete :

Hostel Prices: The lodging facilities cost approximately € 13.50 per night ($15 USD) irrespective of capacity. All year round there are consistent rates with the majority of hostels in the region of Heraklion, Chios and Rethymno.

Budget Hotels: Accommodation (like a bed in a dorm) from 13.50 EUR (US$ 15) per night in Airbnb is available in all areas of Crete. But these rooms are very few. Approximately €32 per night is expected for a private room, while the full room costs an average of €100 per night ($111 USD).

Food: The cost is approximately EUR 4.50 ($5 USD), for each street food like gyros or souvlaki. McDonald’s meals cost about €8 ($9 USD) per dinner.

You could eat well on a budget at Crete, traditional Greek dishes. You can have a pork souvlaki plate for €7 (US$8) and calamari for €8 (US$9). To see the vacation packages from UK Click here

Package budget for Crete:

You should plan to spend some EUR 56 (€ 50 USD) a day on the backpacking of Crete for vacation packages from UK. You can stay in a dorm on this budget, eat plenty of cheap and fast food, prepare some meals, visit a small number of paid attractions, enjoy many free activities, such as hanging out on a beach or sticking to transport.  There are lots of offers available at the most affordable price for visiting Crete. Their prices start from £299 pp.

List to carry with you when visiting Crete:

The weather of Crete is pleasing throughout the year and in the summer it seldom drops below 61°F (12°C) and averages around 79°F (26°C) a day. So you can have the following when visiting Crete:

  • Clothes (casual or little warm clothes)
  • Travel Bag (appropriate for hiking)
  • Travel shoes (most preferably sneakers)
  • Small medicine kit (sanitizer, band-aid, etc)

Why you should visit Crete:

There are many reasons for which you should visit Crete. Firstly, Crete is a safe destination for travel. Secondly, the ancient cities of Chania and Rethymno share an interesting mixture of architectural elements from Venice and Ottoman times. Thirdly, you can see many wonderful creations of nature by visiting Crete. Last but not the least, The beaches and luxury hotels are also soothing and relaxing and can make your holiday the most special one.



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