Essential Tips on Selecting the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom

An awesome and exclusive bathroom vanity design needs proper attention to detailing and careful planning. Many decisions have to make. Layout sink type or countertop material – there are many factors that you need to look after. All these together can make the entire process overwhelming for you. Therefore, be a bit diligent so you don’t be confused and make the right decision.

Tips to make the right selection

  • Determine the layout – Before you choose the color, fixtures, or finishes, decide where you want the discount bathroom vanities to be installed. Consider its size as well. If you choose a gallery layout, there will be two vanity spaces. But they are separated by a pass-through. Each space may include sinks. Or else, use one space for washing up and the other for seating. Horizontal vanities usually have a single cabinetry section. However, they are quite useful and come with enough storage and counter space. You can also opt for L-shaped vanities for the main bathroom of your home. Even if they can’t maximize the space, they feature a spacious leg and arm room.
  • Settle on the number of sinks – Now it comes to how many sinks you want to get accommodated in the vanity. Most homeowners want to go for double sinks. But space restriction is always there. Vanities smaller than 5 ft width typically have one sink that can be situated to the left, or right, or simply in the center. These cabinets have drawers and conventional cabinet doors. Bigger vanities can accommodate two sinks. But one is enough for you, use the additional space for another counter space.
  • Decide on the style – Once you have chosen the layout and determine the number of sinks, the next step is to decide on the style. Ensure whether you want a conventional, antique, or pedestal sink. In the case of conventional vanities, you need to decide if you want a stain or paint. Choose the color of your preference. Choose the door style. Decide if you want doors, drawers, or pullouts. Vanities don’t need to be a built-in one. It can be freestanding attached to the walls. It may have open shelving rather than closed cabinets. Floating vanity can be another good option. This is mounted to the wall. The vanities have open space below. Floating vanity with closed cabinetry is also available. However, if you don’t need much space for storage and look for a minimalist design, forget cabinetry. Install a wall-mounted worktop instead.
  • Choose the right worktop – Now as you have decided to install a countertop, you need to find the right one. If you’re restoring a used piece of furniture or installing a pedestal sink, you can skip this step. But discount cabinets and repurposed furniture without a top will need a countertop. The pieces are available in marble, quartz, granite, wood, concrete, and solid surface. Nevertheless, quartz and granite are the most common materials for bathroom worktops. Both of them are durable with designer patterns.

These are just a few things to take care of before choosing a vanity for your bathroom.



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