Foods that Increase seminal fluid naturally

Seminal volume and count decides the fertility and satisfaction for a male. Males with low seminal volume often face problems in discharge which robs them of the ecstasy that comes with the climax. It also affects the erection problem at the onset as low seminal may also affect the libido.

There are natural ways to increase seminal volume with food. Anyone facing erection problems should consider the same food, as it might help the male to overcome low libido, which is in many cases the cause behind erection problems. Current, hectic lifestyle which includes a lot of junk food and unhealthy food increases the cases of low seminal fluid. The fertility of a male is directly linked to the seminal fluid, so take note of following food items and ensure a healthy semen fluid.

Food that increases seminal fluid


The folic acids in spinach boost seminal fluid. The zinc in green vegetables, including spinach and pumpkin, helps in maintaining libido. Spinach is a natural remedy for curing erectile dysfunction as well. The nitric oxide in the vegetable widens the blood arteries to facilitate greater flow of blood. Both volume of semen and boost in the erection process combines the give the best to the male.


Oysters are rich in zinc, a mineral which boosts both testosterone levels and sperm production. Seminal fluid itself may not help much, if there is no equal boost to the testosterone levels. The ability to have an erection comes with a boost in testosterone levels. The seminal fluid increases the ability of sperms to swim in the semen.

Lean meat

Lean meat, including lamb, and beef, are zinc sources. Beef, in fact, is considered a cheap source of protein in some countries. The zinc helps a male to increase seminal fluid. Along with meat, one needs to take eggs, fish, liver, kidney and green onion. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, stimulates sperm production by enhancing the cardiovascular function. The double boost comes from increasing libido and sperm product at the same time.  These food sources will not only fill the gap in sperm volume, but also ensure that you cum every time with greater satisfaction.

Brazilian nuts

It is one of the richest sources of selenium, a mineral, which boosts sperm fluid volume and sperm production. The nut is also considered one of the best natural remedies for curing erection difficulties. In fact experts suggest that daily consumption of a handful of these nuts will reduce the need for Sildenafil citrate 200mg, a dose doctors recommend for severe erection difficulties.


Studies have shown all allegations and a fear that eggs are responsible for cholesterol is false. The opposite is true. Eggs help increase semen production by protecting sperm from damaged caused by free radicals. And you get strong and healthy sperms as well.


Every food chart that is made to cure erection related weakness and low semen product contains bananas. The bromelain gives a boost to male libido. The vitamin B1, C, and magnesium ensure enough stamina to complete the full time. Smoothies of banana and milk will be double booster, as milk is also an important booster for enhancing sperm production and semen.


This is another powerful booster to increase blood circulation in the pelvic area and neutralize free radicals which damage the sperms.  Both semen quality and sperm count is enhanced by consumption of pomegranate and juice. Pomegranate juice widens the arteries as its nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels. It works just like Levitra 40 mg, the dose doctors prescribe for higher erection difficulties.


Along with above mentioned food, incorporate some form of exercises in your daily schedule.  Reduce or totally stop smoking, excess drinking, and junk food. You can also take herbs and herbal products to enhance the value of food you are taking for boosting semen fluid and libido. Without favorable lifestyle intervention, the ability to increase semen and sperm production will always be under pressure.


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