How To Care For Wood Look A Like Floors Tiles

For a wood look tiles floor to maintain its attractive original appearance for a long time, it needs proper and regular maintenance. Without a layer of varnish, glossy or matte, such a floor is impossible to imagine. After laying and sanding the wood look, it is essential to apply a protective layer since unprotected wood will crack, darken, or burn very quickly in the sun. Thanks to the varnish, all these undesirable phenomena can be avoided. In addition, lacquer decorates the wood, emphasizing its natural beauty. Preventing cracks or fissures in natural wood floors is difficult. This requires strict control over the humidity level in the room. Today, you can buy special devices capable of performing such control; they are quite affordable and work unpretentious.

The frequency of measures for the care of wood-look floors directly depends on the characteristics of their use. The higher the load and daily traffic in a given room, the more often it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the floors and renew the protective varnish. In city apartments, this procedure is enough to carry it out once every two to three months, in offices – at least once every four weeks. In shops, canteens, and restaurants, in educational institutions, floors are subjected to excessive stress, so they must be treated weekly. In places of extreme loads, that is, in places in front of entrance doors or elevators, it is important to restore the defensive layer as it wears. As a result of the inevitable aging process, wood-look inevitably loses its original visual appeal. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, due to mechanical damage – chips, scratches, and bumps that cause the destruction of the protective varnish coating, the wood look floor changes its beautiful fresh wood color, and with it, its presentable appearance. In reality, the scraping of the wood look is the restoration of a new layer of uniform, complete varnish.

Measures to clean wood look glazed porcelain tiles, that is, to remove dirt from its surface, must be carried out with extreme caution. A special agent is added to the container with water, intended for the care of wood-look floors, in the amount indicated in the instructions for its use. By thoroughly squeezing a rag soaked in the resulting composition, you can begin to clean the floors and remove dirt from the surface. On the off chance that there are difficult stains on the floor, more serious efforts will be required to remove them, for example, the use of a floor cleaning machine. In special sets of products designed for the care of wood look, there are usually strong stain removers, which not only can not spoil the floor but can also give you additional protection. Ensuring correct and timely maintenance is a guaranteed guarantee of long service life for wood look floors!

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