Is too much soy bad for your Ed Health ?

Soy is one of the nutritional foods popular in various forms in the developed world.  Proponents believe that soy helps us keep sugar levels in blood low, and lower the possibility of certain kinds of cancers.

Increasing consumption of soy in various forms in the United States has brought the focus on experts to this trend. They believe that this consumption also causes several health issues. They mentioned the increasing rates of breast cancer, and impact on estrogen as few possible side effects of the soy consumption. The studies which are done so far are confined to few groups and animals. The further research is needed to support the evidence of those who feel that soy in moderation can be a healthy choice.

Side- effects of soy

The isoflavones, a phytoestrogen compound in soy, is linked with estrogen.  These compounds act like estrogen, the sex hormones in female, but also present in males.   It may block the estrogens and in some other cases, these compounds mimic the estrogen effect.  The longer term consumption of soy can affect the hormonal system.

Increases the possibility of breast cancer

Estrogen intake has been associated with breast cancer. The studies were done on animals and humans. The fear expressed was that too much soy consumption may hasten the chances of a breast cancer. Though, the data is not foolproof, experts do not recommend soy for patients who are already diagnosed with breast cancer. Pregnant ladies area also advised to avoid soy products.

Estrogen increase can hasten the risk of erectile difficulty

In some males an increase in estrogen levels hastens the onset of erectile issues.  Estrogen hormones lower the testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are male sexual hormones. When it declines in males, it raises the erection problems. Lowered testosterone levels leads to low libido which directly impacts the erection process. With the decline in libido, the male finds it hard to get an erection even after using a higher Generic Levitra 60 mg .

 Moderation is the best choice

Whenever there were some negative impacts of the soy consumption in humans, it was also found that consumption was above the normal levels. The males who found some impact on estrogen levels, were taking a soy heavy diet for a long period of time.

Since soy protein is an ingredient in many food items, doctors are suggesting that moderation in soy consumption should be the key to keep its adverse impacts in check. It is also not clear that soy consumption could raise breast cancer chances. But soy protein can cause some impact on the body due to its higher isoflavones levels.

Safe soy levels

Low blood pressure and control on diabetes is considered among benefits of soy use. It is also believed that soy keeps cholesterol levels in control. A male or female should never consume soy more than 100 mg in a day. The safe range is between 35-55 mg. Since it is not possible to measure the intake on a daily basis, one should just confine the soy to two or three servings a day. The higher levels of isoflavones are found in soybeans, than soy milk or soy burgers or tofu.

Eat unprocessed soy products

The unprocessed soy products are the best soy products, while processed soy items increase the chances of getting the negatives of the soy. Soybeans, tofu, unsweetened soy milk, yogurts are better than processed items such as bars, flavored milk and yogurts.  All the benefits of soy products in blood pressure and diabetes come from unprocessed products of soy, not for highly processed products.  Increasing consumption of unprocessed soy products as part of lifestyle changes may improve erection to reduce dependency on higher Sildenafil citrate 200mg.


It is in our hands to keep the likely harmful impact of soy. The moderation in use will ensure that only known uses of soy are taken by us.  The possible negative effects of soy on human health are under study. Some indications have emerged that limit consumption is safe and beyond two or three servings a day, the soy can cause adverse impact on health. It may impact estrogen hormones in males. The increase in estrogen hormones in males leads to erection issues. To ensure the best of the soy product, use soy within safe levels. 


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