Modern Infrastructure Solutions for Every SME

Whether you’re a startup or a small-time business looking to grow, you need a good infrastructure model. For companies, operations, as well as their execution, depend upon the hierarchy, the equipment and machinery, resources including human labour and the communication that takes place in between all these departments.

That is why it’s crucial for organizations, businesses and corporations to address their needs in order to progress and grow. Especially in the case of those who have already set up a reliable functional system. Because this is the stage in which the higher-ups are looking towards growth opportunities and identifying all that their model lacks.

On this note, let’s discuss the necessary infrastructure solutions you should go for to improve your SME:

Reliable Networks

The first thing that every organization needs in order to function efficiently in the current digital age is reliable connectivity. This isn’t only limited to having a fast internet connection. You need intra-networks as well as wide area networks that allow your organization and its personnel to communicate regardless of where they are.

Having your databases available in remote servers might seem like an easy way out. However, you’ll have to question the integrity of this model and worry about the security of your database. Of course, if you have a reliable cloud network, your worries are close to being over. On the off chance that you don’t have it, you need to make do with local servers and set up a good network.

For connections, you should only rely on the best servers and to ensure their integrity and safety, call the best server racks suppliers in Dubai. Needless to say, you’ll need to consider the whole upgradation process thoroughly before you execute these irreversible decisions.

Security Measures

All enterprises, regardless of their size and area of operations, are vulnerable to security threats. Even if you deal in cargo and logistics, you have logs and databases that are vital to your assets and accountability. That’s why you can’t risk having anything out in the open. This doesn’t just mean that you need to put locks on your doors.

You need proper security solutions that can ensure that no interference can occur in your digital systems and networks. Similarly, you need to maintain local and physical security as well. In this regard, it’s recommended that you go for state of the art CCTV cameras and smart locks. Not only will you be getting a safe and secure environment but you’ll also notice how this boosts the organization’s functionality and efficiency.

Needless to say, employees and staff will perform better if they know they are under supervision.

ICT Currently convey backing to many clients cross country giving proactive observing and distant help this is a zero touch answer for the client. Using our administration instruments, for example, Service Now, LogMeIn Rescue, Soonr, Dell Support Assist and Kace.

Far off help

Distant help is the quickest and most reasonable approach to determine issues, ICT at present has a group of assets giving first and second level help to our clients from our Service Desk situated in our workplaces in Dublin. Whenever required, and for complete inclusion, where we can’t resolve an issue distantly, an architect will be dispatched to site.

Customer, worker and cell phones

ICT Services can uphold and deal with your current workers, customer PCs, PCs and cell phones. At the point when the opportunity arrives to overhaul or supplant any of your current equipment or programming ICT Services will suggest another arrangement or redesign way that meets your requirements and spending plan. We will at that point introduce, arrangement and tweak that arrangement in the speediest and least problematic way conceivable.

Overseen Print Solutions

Did you realize that your representatives can squander almost 400 hours per year on printing-related assignments and issues? Most entrepreneurs don’t understand exactly how much this can affect the general profitability of their group.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud IaaS or Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and it’s one of the three help models accessible through distributed computing. Through this model, you can access equipment off-webpage through web and use it as you need.


Digital Software

Irrespective of the industry or niche of your business, you need one or another kind of digital software. While there are many options available in the market such as warehouse stock management, receipt and invoice generators etc., you can even have a software tailor-made for your business.

For example, if you have a business that deals in cardboard packaging and you supply it around the region, you need a database management software. Having this customized to fit your business can mean a comfortable and reliable interface that makes it easier for anyone to operate the software.

However, the main advantage of having this is that you’ll have a proper log of everything that comes and goes from your warehouse. Not only will you be able to keep stock count, but you’ll also be able to calculate the cost of time and resources on each product and its shipment and the resulting profit you get.

Hierarchy and Communication:

Regardless of the smart infrastructure solutions you have selected, your business won’t do any good unless it functions properly. While this might not be your preferred model, the typical hierarchical model in any business inevitably gets the job done. At least to the point where you can start to think about changing things.

Having said that, you need proper communication channels at each level of the hierarchy. The last thing you want is a one-way top-down channel that only lets the employees hear and not have any input. While it makes sense to keep a clear line of control, you can’t turn a blind eye to the issues the organization is facing. Whether you need improved methods, resources, equipment or even labour, your employees will be able to help you figure out your company’s needs.

That is why all good infrastructure solutions incorporate proper communication channels. These can even include online networks that make it easier for employees to generate tickets and bring attention to matters that need addressing.



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