Scandinavia’s top ten places to visit

Although the aurora borealis can be the explanation for many tourists to Scandinavia, it ought not to be. Scandinavia is something more than a multicolored light in heaven. Scandinavia contains many countries, all of which are individually special, though often grouped together.


What they all share is beautiful, culturally competent people who welcome you with real heart to their countries. Fascinating cultures of myth, mystery, and ancient gods that you might never have heard of or that you may remember. And the true reason you should go there – the absolute and incredible dramatic landscapes and natural wonders you won’t find in any other part of the world.

  1.Fjord of Geiranger, Norway

Norway is undoubtedly a fjord-filled land. It should be a special one to differentiate itself from the rest, with an approximate number of about 1000 two hundred. Geirangerfjord fulfills all the requirements to become king of the fjords in Norway. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over nine miles and just under one mile high. The Geirangerfjord is lined with many spectacular waterfalls and some of the most picturesque walking paths in the country, surrounded by steep cliffs on both sides.


  2.Islands of Lofoten, Norway

There is an old saying – there’s a way to get to the Lofoten Islands in northwest Norway where there’s a will. You have to be very determined. It takes the better part of a day to get there by plane and by sea, but it’s worth it.


In the north of the Arctic circle, the lonely islands were blessed by landscapes that only the most creative game designers could have produced. The glacial waters of the fjords are so clear that strong and steep mountains reflect the blue sky and the bright, colorful fishing huts lining their shore.


 3.Sweden Ice Hotel

You really should just go for a chill-out stay in the small town of Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, and that is the Ice Hotel. In the late 1980s, the hotel began as one room. Every year there are around 70 deluxe suites built from a neighboring river, with ice blocks. The igloo rooms have beautiful walls and ice sculptures carved by local sculptors. The temperature in the rooms is constantly between -5 and -8 degrees. No concern about it shrinking. It’s cool now.


 4.Norway’s Atlantic Route

The Atlantic Road should be right at the top of the list of great roads if you are on thrilling drives. The Atlantic Road is passing the archipelago of islands on Norway’s west coast. The path ties the islands more twisted than the back of a dragon, eight bridges, and several viaducts by five miles of turns. Norway’s building of the century was designated an honorable title.


 5.Lighthouse, Denmark, and Rubjerg Mile

Do not stand still for too long if you visit the Råbjerg Mile in Denmark. At just under 60 feet a year, the incredible stretch of sand dunes flows forth and encapsulates all along their way. Natural occurrences, the dunes are up to 130 meters high everywhere. That’s a lot of sand and in Scandinavia, you can find the nearest thing to the desert.


The Råbjerg Mile, driven by winds that sprint across the city, covers an area less than half a mile. One of the most recent casualties is the Rubjurg Knude Lighthouse.


 6.Finland’s Löyly Sauna

The Löyly Sauna is worth getting steamed up in Finland’s capital Helsinki. Although it is very easy to have a sauna anywhere in the world, it’s unique and should not be missed. The seafront installation looks wonderfully stylishly around the Baltic. Some great cafeterias where you can enjoy the views, as well as enjoy a typical smoke sauna accompanied by a dip in the sea.


 7.Archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden

You have to travel across the Stockholm Archipelago if you’ve ever wondered what your private island could be like. Your imagination will have plenty to choose from with up twenty thousand islands around the Baltic Sea. There are others, but they dotted with Viking tombs, nature paths and some wonderful fauna like the eagles and seals are to be found, you do not want to share with the seagull colonies that some people live there.


 8.Norway’s Preikestolen

Each walk is rewarded at its end. Some of them are larger and more impressive. One of the latter in Norway. The flat-top cliff overlooked the glacial blue waters of the Lysefjord at just under a spectacular two thousand meter high. A short but steep path that can take up to 3 hours to ascend is only accessible to the granite plateau. It’s not going to be the climb, but it’ll be the views that you’re paid for when you hit the summit.


 9.Underwater Bridge in Oresund, Denmark, and Sweden

The results can also be astounding when a man constructs his mind. One of these accomplishments is the Oresund Underwater Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. It is the largest highway and railway bridge worldwide and extends for nearly five miles across the Oresund Strait. Its imposing and nearly so classic style is seen from the air as you ride into Copenhagen, like the Golden Gate Bridge.


 10.Finland’s Koli National Park

The Koli National Park landscapes are not only beautiful, they are also inspiring. The breathtaking views from the Koli Hills, voted the best hiking area in Finland in 2013, have sparked the artistic joys of many famous artists. The park consists of eighty kilometers of hiking routes that pass through centuries-old, moose-covered forests, past waterfalls, and wetlands.


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