South Africa’s Top 11 Stuff

South Africa is a huge place but you probably already know this if you are trying to plan a trip there. During the holidays the logistics of moving from one faraway town to another can be very complex; why not schedule a long and relaxing holiday in this fascinating country rather than getting out of yourself? South Africa offers a lot of thrilling attractions and sceneries, including plenty of things to cater to the whole family.

Get acquainted with the 11 best South African things to see:


Seals Iceland

Robben Island is less of a venue for discovery than a historic site off the shore of Cape Town at Table Bay to learn more about the history of apartheid in South Africa. Political prisoners have been kept in various jail buildings on this island for several years. The most prominent prisoner ever held here was Nelson Mandela, who later became the president of South Africa. Don’t miss this wonderful spot, particularly when you’re a buff of history.


The Wild Shore

If you have a cup of tea on the beautiful coastlines, you simply have to visit South Africa’s Wild Coast. This area is popular with South Africans, and people outside the country don’t take as much notice. So if you explore here, you will feel even more solitude. The huts of several small villages and the Wild Coast Trail, which will include even the most seasoned walkers out there, are highlights.


Kruger National Park

Covering a vast area of more than 20,000 square kilometers, Kruger National Park is the perfect place to enjoy a bona fide African safari. It is the oldest wildlife park on the continent and was founded in 1898. The sheer variety of wildlife here is just enough for this leading national park to be able to visit giraffes, hippos, and crocs during your vacation in South Africa. The fact that in off-road vehicles you don’t have to rug it is another plus. It is easy to schedule a visit to the Kruger National Park thanks to its scale and numerous first-class facilities.


The Garden Route

You’ll find South Africa’s famous Garden Route stretching along the Indian Ocean between St. Francis and Mossel Bay. Some of Africa’s best surfing, along with great walking and other outdoor activities can be enjoyed here. You will certainly be in love with the Garden Line, regardless of whether you are looking for Tsitsikamma National Park in the first class or luxurious coastal scenery in Outeniqua Chootjoe Train. Keep planning a stop in Knysna. Nestled among the Indian Ocean and the Outeniqua Mountains, the Knysna is rich in beautiful walking opportunities through the forests of Knysna’s surrounding areas.



The Winelands

Winelands are an excellent place to relax and restore yourself, while many South African attractions require active activities. A thousand miles of green vineyards stretch through this stunning landscape, full of purple mountains, stately oak, and a wealth of colorful flowers. Visit the local winery or enjoy farming; regardless of what you do, South Africa’s Winelands, just east of Cape Town will delight you.


Nature Reserve of the Blyde River Canyon

This nature reserve has some of South Africa’s wildest and most thrilling topographies and is home to the third-biggest canyon in the world. Here you can find many natural wonders, including the world-famous creation of God’s window. You’ll have plenty of prime photo opportunities when you visit this reserve close to Kruger National Park.



National Park Table Mountain

Table Mountain – Table Mountain National Park is the birthplace of Cape Town’s most popular landmark and is an excellent location for any tour across South Africa. You can also take sights such as Cape Point, Signal Hill, and the Lion’s Head, in addition to traveling to the top of Table Mountain by cable car. Spend a day traveling or prepare to camp out for extra fun and excitement throughout the night.



Many people believe that when he wrote Lord of the Rings, Tolkien was influenced by the fact that Hugsback is a truly wonderful location, which is located in the Amatola Mountains. Hogsback features some of the most fascinating scenery in South Africa. It has majestic waterfalls with rocky outcrops. Many different bird species, including a diverse variety of parrots, call Hogsback Home. Both trout and riding are popular here, so you will be perfectly happy when you enjoy one.


The Golden Mile

Durban is also known for its phenomenal beaches and is one of the great coastal cities in South Africa. The beaches along the shoreline of Durban are collectively named The Golden Mile. This sunny part of South Africa is great for those who want to have fun in the heat. The Golden Mile is a beautiful spot on your trips to South Africa, from lounging in the sun to surfing to thrilling beach activities.



If you ever wondered how 3.5 million people will be packed into a relatively small region, visit Soweto, the less glamorous side of Africa. This is the location where many of the most important incidents of apartheid happened on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Directed slum tours are recommended; not only are they safer, but they also help you get to know all the historical events that have taken place in this place. Though it’s not a picturesque attraction, it is worth seeing.


Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg Mountains stretch for more than 600 miles and lies between Durban and Bloemfontein in eastern South Africa. Treat yourself to these beautiful green mountains for a day or two to enjoy phenomenal outdoor fun. There are canopy tours where you have a panoramic view of the heights of tall trees; all of them are popular in this South African region: fishing, horse-back riding, rafting, golfing, climbing and birding.



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