Specialized MBA vs. General MBA: Which is better?

MBA is short for Masters in Business Administration and it is a degree that is usually taken after completing the Bachelor’s degree. It is a professional course that can pave way for a lot of opportunities and benefits that can extend your career goals.

Before you pursue an MBA, you need to know what it is about. There are several benefits of pursuing an MBA and it will definitely widen your career opportunities as well as benefit you in several other ways. Although it is an expensive course, yet the scope is high and it is worth attempting because of the benefits that you will be earning later in terms of jobs. Here you will learn about the benefits of pursuing an MBA as well as you will come to know about specialized MBA vs. general MBA and which one is better.

Benefits of pursuing an MBA

A survey was conducted among the MBA graduates and it showed the non-financial as well as the financial benefits they had experienced. It was seen that the most important non-financial benefit included increase in self-confidence that you will be able to gain after pursuing an MBA. This will not only enable you to gain a healthy professional life but a personal life as well.

As far as financial benefit is concerned, you will get better jobs with better salary packages in reputed companies where you will get a good amount of exposure. Not only this, but you will also gain a lot of soft and hard skills along with strategic thinking while pursuing an MBA which is applicable throughout your life.

Specialized MBA

Specialized MBA includes specialization in fields like Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, and Marketing etc. These are designed to fulfill the requirements of a particular industry or section. In specialized MBA, you will learn about general aspects of management too. But mostly, you will be trained in a specific section. Students who are pursuing specialized MBA are preferred more over the general MBA graduates in many areas. The duration of this course is also less. This is a great option for those who are preparing for a specific field in their career.

General MBA

General MBA on the other hand, is not confined to a particular subject or specialization. It explores the subject broadly and you can develop the necessary skills like business management, critical thinking, leadership etc. General MBA can provide a wider knowledge of management and hence, you will be able to work in any job profile or industry. It has a wider scope and you will get more career opportunities.

Specialized MBA vs  general MBA can lead to confusion among the MBA aspirants. It mainly depends on your requirements. If you are looking for more options then general MBA is better. If you want to specialize in a particular subject then specialized MBA will be a better shot.

This article will surely clear your doubts and then you can decide between specialized MBA and general MBA. Both of them can benefit you in their own ways.



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