The Ultimate Guide To Packing Essentials For Your Bangalore Trip

Bangalore is a beautiful city in the south of India, that can be the perfect holiday destination for you. Whether you are traveling solo or with your family and friends, Bangalore is a great city to spend your time in. From ultra-modern shopping malls to trendy cafes to historical sites, Bangalore does not lack places for you to explore. No matter what you are interested in, you will find something to enjoy in the city. The thing that stands out the most is that Bangalore has these beautiful parks and gardens, that let you escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and stay close to nature.


Once you are convinced that Bangalore is the place for your next holiday, you need to start making reservations for your SFO to BLR flights as soon as possible. The sooner you get your flight tickets, the better it will be for your wallet. Packing your bags is the next crucial step of the process. Packing is a tiring and time-consuming task, but it is something you cannot skip. Just to make it a little bit easier, we have put together a list of essentials you need when you fly from SFO to BLR. Having these essentials will ensure that your trip goes nicely and you don’t have to worry about leaving anything out.


  • Clothes:

    Clothes are an essential part of packing, and you need to make sure that you pack your clothes according to the weather. The climate in Bangalore is pretty hot for the most part of the year. This is why it is imperative that you carry loose-fitting cotton clothes for your trip. Getting loose-fitting airy clothes will ensure that you can beat the heat and stay comfortable even when you explore the city during the day. Also, make sure that your clothes have long sleeves to avoid unwanted exposure to the sun. Covering up as much as possible will prove to be quite helpful in beating the heat in Bangalore.

  • Comfortable shoes:

    Comfortable shoes are always a must-have, no matter where you are headed. Bangalore is a wonderful city if you love walking around. With plenty of beautiful parks and gardens, you will be able to walk around and explore the city. This is definitely not possible if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes that keep biting your feet. So, what you need to do is get a pair of comfortable shoes, that you can wear any time you need to walk around the city. Who knows! You might even end up discovering some hidden gems in the city.

  • Sunscreen:

    We have already established that Bangalore has a very hot climate. This means that you need to make sure that you cover up sufficiently. In addition to that, you also need to slather on plenty of sunscreen lotion to protect your skin and avoid getting sunburnt. Make sure that you pack your favorite sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher to avoid the negative effects the sun can have on your skin. Also, make sure that you apply sunscreen on every part of your body that is exposed to the sun. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen and ensure that you are covered at all times.

  • Travel adapter:

    Carrying a travel adapter when you fly overseas is a no-brainer, but in all the frenzy of packing you may end up forgetting to carry it. As each country has different sockets and power voltages, you need to make sure that you have a travel adapter on you. With a travel adapter, you can make sure that all your electronic devices are charged and ready for use at all times. No one wants their phone dying on them when they are trying to find their way in a foreign city. So, carry your power adapter with you at all times.

  • Umbrella:

    Bangalore is known for its monsoons, but not always in a good way. Although monsoons in Bangalore can be beautiful and you can have a lot of fun, you might not want to get stuck somewhere without an umbrella. That is why you need to pack an umbrella for your Bangalore trip. Keeping an umbrella with you will ensure that you stay dry even when it starts raining unexpectedly.

  • Medicines:

    Although buying medicines in India is a pretty easy task, you might not always have the time or means to get medicine when you feel slightly sick. It is always a good idea to pack some basic flu or stomach medicines when you travel. Doing so ensures that you are always prepared for any emergency situation that you may encounter. These medicines can also ensure that you hold up, in case you do have to go to the hospital. So, the next time you are packing for your trip to Bangalore, make sure that you pack some basic meds in your first aid kit.

  • Travel pillow:

    Flying from SFO to BLR is a very long journey. Long-haul international flights are tiring, to say the least. Spending long hours confined to your plane seat can be painful for some. But, what if you actually take this time to relax and rest up before you reach your destination? Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? A neck pillow can actually help you do so. Although it may seem unnecessary at first, you will fall in love with it once you use it on the flight. A neck pillow not only makes it easier for you to sleep, but it also ensures that you don’t wake up with a painful neck at the end of your journey.


With this list by your side, you are totally prepared for your SFO to BLR flight. This list has everything you need for the trip. Leaving any of these items can put you in a tight spot during your journey. But, if you make sure that you pack all these essentials, you will be able to enjoy your SFO to BLR trip without a care in the world. So, make sure that you have everything that you need when you fly to the holiday destination of your dreams.


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