Top 10 Destinations in Malaysia

In Malaysia the most famous places to visit are fantastic, and the great infrastructure of the country makes it relatively painless.


Though Malaysia is still one of the most visited countries in Asia, the limelight and #1 are usually stolen from China. Long term budget travelers often dismiss Malaysia as “too expensive” (mostly because alcohol does cost more than in Thailand). Meanwhile, for lack of time, South East Asian vacationers seem to miss out on Malaysia.


But Malaysia has a great deal of elegance, variety, and adventure, as these tenting top destinations illustrate.


1.Kuala Lumpur

If you go to Malaysia, you would most possibly fly to Kuala Lumpur, so this is not a brainer. But Kuala Lumpur is a worthwhile destination by itself, unlike some other major cities in Asia that tourists arrive and exit the city as early as possible.


The combination of the Malaysians, Chinese, and Indians ensures that there will be no shortage of food in the capital of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is greatly attracted by cultural diversity. Go for a short walk or sail on a long train line and you can see many cultures’ delights.



Malaysians are proud of their great western island—and they ought to be! The colonial town of Georgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a large range of museums, seaside fortresses, historical houses, and, above all, a popular street food scene.


Many artists left their mark on the streets of Georgetown in the form of murals. There are cafés, shops and things to do all over the city.


  3.The Perhentian Islands

Bakers and budget tourists are in love with the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, particularly with Perhentian Kecil, the smaller of the two islands, where the day before parties start at night filled with fine sand and excellent snorkeling and diving.


In the vicinity of the big island, Perhentian Besar, there are more families, couples, and visitors ready to spend more for a blue water session and skipping the party. No matter which island you pick, you need to take a speedboat to the Perhentians. The shops on the islands have a couple of challenges to face.

 4.Malaysian Borneo

It is just a cheap, quick flight to swap dirty concrete for green rainforests and plenty of wildlife! Malaysia tourists are regularly on the mainland and just a few kilometers from the third biggest island in the world forget about the natural wonders.


The Malay portion of Borneo is divided into two states: southern Sarawak and northern Sabah. The vibes and charms are different. Every summer the Rainforest World Music Festival is one of the most impressive events for music and culture in Southeast Asia outside of Kuching.



Malaysia’s Peranakan city of Malacca is locally referred to as “Melaka,” and is a worthy stopping point for cultural, historical, and colonial sights. Malacca was declared a world patrimony by UNESCO in 2008.


The old town of Malacca never deceives tourists. If nothing else, the comfortable feeling is good enough for a few days. Kuala Lumpur is close by and is easily reachable by bus. In Malacca, the train is not an option.


   6.Taman Negara

“national park” means in Malay literally, and yeah, that’s what it is! That’s how it is! Taman Negara is the oldest national park in Malaysia and is known to be one of the oldest rainforests in the world. A long doorway provides tourists the ability to see life high in the trees that are not generally seen from the field.


You will have the ability to enjoy waterfalls and scenic walks, bird watching, rafting, fishing, safaris, even wild elephants — if you are very fortunate. In Kuala Tahan, visitors sleep along the river and then take cheap boats to the entrance of the park.


  7.Cameron Highlands

One of the few locations in South-Eastern Asia where you want a warm jacket or warm blankets in the evenings is the green Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. You can enjoy the climate change after sweating through tropical climates.


The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is like no other place. You see plenty of luxuriant landscapes, visit beautiful tea plantations, and enjoy access to good walkways across plantations and volcanoes.


  8.Tioman Island

Tioman Island is a particular form of isle destination situated on the east coast of Malaysia not too far from Singapore. Surprisingly cheap accommodation and excellent plunging are; construction for such a pleasant island is relatively minor. The island’s great shortcomings in the culinary department are attributed to abundant nature and the landscape.


You have to pick Tioman onboard when arriving at several different beaches. There are secluded beaches and jungle surroundings. ABC Beach, in particular for budget travelers, is perhaps the most popular beach. It is a normal choice to travel between beaches by boat except for a Jungle Walk in the inner section.



The Pulau Langkawi is one of the top island destinations for both international tourists and Malaysians in Malaysia situated in the northwest corner of Malaysia.


Langkawi may be named the Malaysian version of Phuket, the busiest island of Thailand, unfairly, with an airport and ferries linking it to the mainland and large tourist infrastructure.



Selangor defines the most developed and populated state in Malaysia, leading to the urban extension of Kuala Lumpur. A Formula One race track, the Malaysian National Zoo, and huge theme parks, including an indoor snow park can be found here.


Selangor has been busy and booming; malls are expanding in many ways. If you cannot do more shopping, travel to the Genting Highlands in the surrounding region — Malaysia’s Vegas mountain top. With 10500 rooms and a theme park, First World Hotel and Plaza is the largest world hotel.



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