Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing for Travel Industry

Why is a Digital Platform Important for the Travel Industry?

 Travel industry will start booming again, because there are chances that all of the chaos of Corona will get settled soon. We can see micro travel companies have started with the camps and even long getaways. To reach out the maximum travelling lovers Digital marketing is the “To Do” thing. It helps you to reach out to the right people in the right manner with different strategies and campaigns via social media, google, email marketing and many more. There are specialized digital marketing agency which can help out the travel companies to boom in the “Online World”. It is utmost important to take your business Digital.

Proven Digital marketing strategy for travel companies


     1.Identify your potential customers

Most crucial part for digital marketing is identifying your potential customers to whom you are pitching. For e.g. If you are selling a Hillclimb and adventure sports activities package to a 50-year-old person, will he/she buy it? No right because logically it is not possible for a 50 year old to climb a mountain or do adventure. So the main part of marketing strategy is to choose the right audience


     2.Website: Your Digital Office

Website can be your identity card even. So it is important for a company to have a website wherein you have all of your packages and details with all the itinerary. Your potential customers can land on your digital office and book directly. With the help of a website you can run online ads and make your audience come directly to your online address.


     3.PPC ads on search engines

There are lots of people searching something or the other on google and many other search engines. According to their search you can show the advertisement in many ways like search ads, display ads according to the campaign. PPC ads are most  effective to convert potential customers.


      4.SEO for your online office growth

It is even advisable to grow organically and save your capital. SEO helps your online office to grow on search engines and reach maximum audiences correctly on the basis of what they search. For this you should have great content, your website should be visually appealing and the user should get the amazing experience and should build trust. Only then your Seo efforts would be effective.

     5.Social Media: Audience’s go to place

According to the research out of 5 travelers, 1 traveler uses social media for inspiration for planning a trip. So social media is the strongest tool to reach and convert the right audience. It helps you to engage them totally in a different way which they would love for sure. Prior to this, it is most important to figure out on which social media platform your audience is i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. We know that the mentioned social media platforms have different types of audiences. Right? Therefore each social media platform needs different strategies to get success. You can even go ahead with the paid campaigns which surely gives you the best results.


     6.Youtube: Upcoming search engine

Here we have kept youtube separate from social media because youtube is becoming the second largest search engine after google and this platform is getting the highest queries and searches. According to research 43% of Travellers get inspiration for their next holiday from YouTube.

Here are top 3 marketing strategies on youtube

1.    Start Uploading Videos on Youtube Regularly

2.    Take Review of Your Customer And Upload It

3.    Promote Your Business with Influencers



All of these digital marketing techniques including Influencer marketing, Email marketing, Blogs on website, packages on branded travel books are the main part to reach the right audience. For coming up as the best compared to your competitor it is advisable to hire marketing professionals or appoint a Digital marketing agency for the same. Travel industry is booming and it is one of the most competitive one so it is good to stand out and grow in the competition so for that going Digital is a must.



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